Right now, in an innocent looking brew pub, Blast Beer Company is launching a massive attack on the disruptive rascal commonly referred to as “Gluten.”

“It is our belief that the time is upon us to finally deal with this villain named Gluten! This infamous character has been allowed to run wild in almost every brewery around the globe!

Gluten is a defiant group of proteins which occur in various cereal grains, including the barley used to make beer.

Gluten has been the cause of too much harm to innocent beer drinkers worldwide, causing trouble wherever he goes. His favorite trick is to trigger adverse inflammatory, immunological and autoimmune reactions in our bodies. Basically… he’s been up to no good.

Gluten can make you feel “extra full” after drinking just one regular beer.

“A growing number of barley fans are realizing the damage that Gluten is doing to them. Many more people are unaware they are being secretly attacked by this evil Gluten scoundrel. They must be rescued immediately!”

It is estimated that 7% or more of the people in the United States have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS.)

We brave brewers at Blast Beer Company say ‘so long’ to Gluten as we keep everything that’s wonderful about fresh, high-quality craft beer recipes and then add one more ingredient that we call PEP.


This is PEP (prolyl endopeptidase). It attacks the bonds that hold together the proteins in Gluten!
When we add PEP to our brewing process, Gluten gets BLASTED TO BITS!
Craft brewing has always been about blending the art with modern science.

“Our craft beer passes the international testing level considered to be ‘Gluten Free’ but due to the FDA not verifying the testing process yet, there is a labeling law that prevents us from calling it that. We call it ‘Low Gluten’ and think it’s delicious. Some people say we have done the impossible. Blast Beer tastes great AND has very low amounts of Gluten.”

No more being forced to choose those funny flavored seltzers anymore, beer lovers!

“Introducing ‘SAVE THE DAY IPA.’ This low gluten craft beer balances its malty richness and medium bitterness with a cool new ‘cryo dry-hopped’ aroma that will tempt you to be saved over and over again.”

“Now everyone can enjoy drinking our delicious craft beer, secure in the fact that Gluten has been destroyed. Now you too, can save THEIR day…. just bring BLAST IPA!”

Available soon by the can, pint or pitcher!

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